Bio: Hello! You can call me Ensis. In 1994 I wrote the novel Jurassic Park. Well, not THE Jurassic Park—obviously Michael Chrichton wrote that—as I found out a few days later. But my version had one thing his didn’t: crayon drawings of dinosaurs by a seven year old (me). Literature had a profound and lasting effect upon me as a child and, after over five years of working with children myself, I hope that my writing will one day open some youngster’s mind the way others’ have opened mine. Anyway ever since then I’ve been writing in one form or another and along the way I began analyzing fiction to see what makes it work. This is a real boon in my writing career—and a real bitch for anyone who tries to watch a movie with me. I never did stop writing—I’ve written ten books (if you don’t count Jurrasic Park [Ballentine Books does NOT]) and I’m constantly working to edit them for human consumption. Someday soon you’ll read one! I also never stopped drawing dinosaurs and you can find them all over the site. My art is for sale and I do commissions as well. Join me on the social medias—Twitter and Instagram @j_ensis, Facebook name Ensis Aurelius, and right here on my Website, EnsisReads.com for vitriol, libel, the occasional Book review, and dinosaur pictures.

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